Natural stones are the first building materials used in history, as well as the charm of existing for millions of years have characteristics of strength, compactness and durability.
Natural stones are not flammable, they do not charge electrostatically, they do not favor the development of bacterial micro-organisms and molds and above all, if used as a coating, they improve the acoustic quality of any environment.
The marble and granite coatings also contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings, thanks to the good thermal properties of the materials.

Marble or Granite?

For many, talking about marble or granite does not make any difference, but if you have chosen marble or granite in your home, there are some differences that you absolutely must know. We are not talking about beauty: the materials are all beautiful and each chooses according to their tastes, but it is useful to know that:
Marble is softer and more attachable by acids than granite, so if you have marble in the house you have to pay close attention to the products used for cleaning, avoiding particularly corrosive detergents and preferring the use of water where possible and soap, sometimes the natural properties of the material can also be affected from acidic foods like lemon and vinegar.
The granite, unlike marble, has a more robust structure which gives it greater hardness and total resistance to even strong acids.


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