Simple solutions, using the best materials ..." is our idea, which we rely on in the development process of any project.
We can not expect to achieve great works if we do not use the best materials, any work to become perfect must be simple. Our projects pay a lot of attention to the quality of the materials, in an attempt to achieve maximum practicality and comfort in the building to be built or renovated.
Firstly, we listen to all the wishes of our customers and try to understand their needs in order to create a customized project. Over the years we have gained experience in the design and renovation of completely new, old and historic buildings. We are developing interesting architectural solutions, using the latest materials, without neglecting safety and environmental compatibility.


When designing a home, it is thought to create maximum comfort and of course this implies realizing adequate heating, ventilation, electricity, air conditioning, water and sewerage systems that avoid waste and fully meet the needs; even for all this the regulations require a project that is absolutely necessary to achieve a good final job. Equally important and detailed in the study and implementation must be the project that concerns the load-bearing structures of the house, we collaborate with excellent engineers and we have experience in the restoration of ancient structures in wood, bricks and iron built centuries ago.


In order for a construction / renovation project to be carried out properly, there must be careful management of the works during their execution. The phases of construction of the works are usually checked directly by the designers and their collaborators in the yard, which ensure a precise realization and identify possible variations and modifications necessary to be developed. Carefully following the work allows you to avoid gross errors during construction and is an essential thing to get to the end of the work with the best result.


In Italy, during construction work, strict safety regulations must be followed during the execution of the works. Our expert designers regularly follow the work on site and check that the workers work in a safe environment with low risk of accidents.
Safety is now a very important part of the project and during the execution of the works; we are perfectly equipped to fulfill legal obligations.



The technical study of the Geom. OLIVIERI GIUSEPPE, enrolled in the College of Surveyors of Asti in position 983 since January 1990, follows all the problems inherent to the properties by offering the following technical services:

  • Design of new or refurbished buildings and works management;
  • Drafting of all building permits related to obtaining the licenses for the execution of the works;
  • Drafting practices for obtaining tax relief 50% restructuring and energy savings;
  • Topographic, planimetric and altimetric surveys;
  • Determination of new and old property boundaries;
  • Land registry practices, drafting of new maps and cadastral plans, subdivisions;
  • Technical appraisals, metric calculations, certifications;
  • Successions, cadres and cadastral visure.

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